The D'Ercoli farm was born in 1989 thanks to Roberto and Daniele D'Ercoli brothers, descendants of a vinedresser family, with the aim to produce fine wines in the Marches hills within Cossignano's area (AP). In a territory where vineyard and winery tradition is deep-rooted, nowadays the farm has become really important in the Piceno's territory with its 14 hectares of vineyards extended over hills with clay, silty-chalky soils, which are not far from The Adriatic sea that guarantees the ideal mild climate for growing grapes. The care and the search for quality in the production process can only start from excellent grapes. In fact, the D'Ercoli farm, for which the quality of its own products is a top priority, decreases the grape production obtained from every single plant by green covering the vineyards, all to the good of the properties of the fruit itself. After the vineyard daily cares, the manual grape harvest starts and ends up in the modern cellar equipped with the best winery tools, with the aim to guarantee the final product goodness that the D'Ercoli brothers demand for their clients.

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